48 Hours in Cincinnati: A Short Guide to Visit

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48 Hours in Cincinnati: A Short Guide to Visit

What would you like to do if you have 48 hours in Cincinnati? All you have to do is enjoy the time because this city have many things to discover, but it does not mean you cannot do that in the rapid time.

Cincinnati, Ohio became a boom town because its rapid growth. The city has a great growth on its wealth and population and in the mid of 1800s, it became the largest city in america. It is popular with its steamboat trade and the pork processing.

Since the city has too many history behind its independence, you will find many museums here. If you have 48 hours in this city, please do not foret to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

It is one of the historical museums which gave you the story of freedom today. In addition, Cincinnati has the German influences spot named Findlay Market. This is the oldest open air public market. meats, pastries, and fresh fruits are available here.

Seeing the street art will help you to know more about the murals activity in this busy city. The cool and colorful murals are on the downtown area. In the night of your first day, you can enjoy the bridge which similar to the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge will bring you to the Kentucky. Now, it is time to prepare yourself on the next day.

Cincinnati keeps to look awesome in the morning. Visiting the American Sign Museum is great in the morning where you can see the 1950s era main street including its spinning signs and colorful touch. It’s a great place to go on a date in Cincinnati.

Do not ever miss out on continuing your travel to the Cincinnati Art Museum which becomes the oldest art museums in America and the Duke Energy Children’s Museum. It is not difficult to enjoy your 48 hours in this city because many popular spots in it which have the close location.

You could reach the whole museums above if you can manage your time on each museum. Do not visit or spend more than 2 hours in each museum. In addition, it is a good time to you to visit the street restaurant and find the local menu first before you go back to your home.

Some museums are free so you can keep the money and use it to have a gelato, pizza, donut, and another local foods here. 48 hours is enough to know more about the city, but you should stay in the close hotel.