Kids Of a party plus all ages love magic themed around magic is an excellent way to celebrate a birthday for a boy or a woman.

After the decorations to the magic themed celebration are purchased it is time to organize the menu to the festivities of the day. A great magic celebration menu begins with Magic Potion Pizza Presto Change-o Punch, Magic Wand Pretzels and Rabbit.

To make the Presto Change-o Punch at the magic party, gather 1 cup Gummy worms, 1 quart Lemon-lime soda, 1 cup Boiling water, 2 pack Jell-O, lime flavored; (small bundles ) 3 cup Cold water, 1 cup 1/2 quart Lemon-lime soda; chilled 1/2 cup superfine Sugar. Mix and serve this fizzy punch in a glass punch bowl so that the kids can pour the Presto Change-o Punch into their own crystal ball glasses.

For the Magic Wand Pretzels, simply instruct wands as the child snacks on them since they disappear.

Creating their very own Magic Potion Pizza will possess these little magicians in paradise. Stop by the neighborhood grocer and buy cheap pizza bases. Every guest is led by arrival to the kitchen to produce their own production. Have sauce, a variety of toppings and shredded cheeses, including pineapple. Even though the pizzas are cooking in the oven entertain the children. Make sure to send the left over home.

Add a little magic to your celebration with any of these tips that are magical.

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When we hear the word abracadabra it will likely have been uttered by a stage magician like Jon Finch these days. The word abracadabra, however, is old and nobody knows for certain where or if it originated.

The first mention of the word was in a poem composed by Serenus Sammonicus at 2nd Century AD. Serenus Sammonicus was the doctor to the Roman Emperor Caracalla and the poem was called De Medicina Praecepta, also in it Serenus prescribes the wearing an amulet. The prescribed amulet consisted of a piece of parchment that had abracadabra written on it. The word was written several times with each rep dropping letters in each repetition, and being situated under its predecessor, until an'A' stayed of this word. The resultant amulet took the kind of a triangle and the idea was that the triangular formation of the magical word would act like a funnel and also draw illness.

Abracadabra is a bit more flexible than this and has been applied as defense against evil spirits and the evil eye in form.

As To the origins of abracadabra, there are lots of theories relating to this too. Some people believe that it is Kabalistic in source Men and Women say that it comes from the avra Kehdabra (I could create as I speak). Still others say It Is Chaldean or that it evolves from a sect in Alexandria called the Basilidians. There are, of course Also, but I Think that it's true to state that nobody could possibly know for certain where The real roots of the word lie; they are buried too deep in history And have grown vague over time. 1 thing is certain though: There's a whole lot more to abracadabra, than simply as a line for The man on the point with his wand and the deck of cards.