Does Magic Work for...?

A Cocktail Party?

   Yes!  A close-up magician is the perfect addition to your cocktail party.

Company Picnic? 

    Great for putting some pizzazz in your company picnic.


    There are few things more magical than a magician that can make your anniversary more magical.  Several magic tricks lend themselves to an anniversary.  

    For example, picture this scene.  A deck of playing cards.  You and your true love each choose a card.  You each sign your name on your separate cards.  You mix the cards into the pack.  Now comes the magic.  You hold hands and blow on the deck, and when you spread the cards out, there you find a card with a signature.  It's your true love's signature.  That's the card all right.  But where's yours?  You turn over that card and your card, with your signature, is now the back of that one card.  Not two separate cards glued together, but really one card sharing two signatures.   

Wedding Entertainment?

    There are enough things to worry about at your wedding than seating all the groups so that they all know one another.  A wedding magician is the perfect solution to many issues that frequently arise.  There are also many tricks that lend themselves to the theme of wedding magic.   For instance, your wedding bands, obviously solid.  You've seen the famous Linking Rings trick, with big steel rings.  What if that happened to your own finger rings?  They can become inseparable, fusing together as one.

A Fundraiser?

    Yes.  Jon Finch has entertained at several fundraisers.  It's a wonderful way to keep everyone entertained at the event and keep spirits high.

Award Ceremony?

   Instead of tables waiting for their food, twiddling their thumbs, they could be laughing and shouting about the magical entertainment.

A Sales Meeting?

Yes!  This is often a snooze-fest, but it doesn't have to be.  All you need is magic.

Birthday Party?

    One of Jon Finch's most recent performances was for a 60 year old birthday party.  The show was so well received that guests at that party found and contacted Jon after the party just to ask him about his magic.

Trade Show Magician?

    A trade show magician's job is not only to entertain, but to attract crowds and generate a list of qualified leads.  In that capacity, his left hand performs the sleight of hand, while his right hand serves as a strong marketing arm of the company.