The 4 Best Afterprom Entertainment Ideas | Centerville Indiana

You want to provide the students with a fun-filled, safe, alcohol-free event. Here are the best three entertainment ideas for prom...

1. Bring in A Magician or Illusionist.

After Prom entertainment

Prom-goers love magic. Probably my favorite show of the day was the post prom of Centerville High School, because teenagers are the perfect age for experiencing magic. They are old enough to have a firm grasp on cause/effect and they know what "impossible" means--so they're reactions are loud, clear, and animated.

The great thing about this entertainment idea for prom is that, since an after prom takes place at the high school, the guests (the students) are already in a familiar environment. This means that the students are already comfortable with the place so they can really let loose. 


Nothing is more memorable than seeing magic happen right before your eyes, so magic gets people socializing like nothing else.

2. Get A Bounce House


Some students--yes, even the seniors--will have a lot of energy to spare--they might even feel like "bouncing." A bounce house is a fun way to get the students jumping around in a big thing full of air.

3. Caricaturist

jon finch caricature.jpg

High school students love to see their own face drawn on canvas. A caricaturist can draw a portrait within minutes, so the students won't be sitting there looking at their phones with nothing to do. 

But it gets even better..

They will have something to take home with them.

Check out my favorite Chicago caricaturist Angel here.

What's cool about the caricaturist is that the artist can add personality and theme to the picture.

4. Post Prom Photoshoot


If you can't find a caricaturist, get a professional photographer, or use the same one you got from the prom prom. This is such a must that you've probably thought of it already. 

But even better than a photograph with a sheet for a backdrop is one where you can change the backdrop digitally! They've got those now too, so the student can choose the backdrop.

For this fun Centerville High School After Prom near Richmond, Indiana, DAJO Photos was brought in to capture many of the magical moments.

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Jon Finch is a professional magician who performs at social events. Based out of Indianapolis, he travels the Midwest sharing his special brand of magic, mentalism, and comedy with important people like you.