Never before Had I Performed Such A Show...


I was hired to perform for a tech company headquartered in Indianapolis.
When I got there this morning, I was greeted by the man who found me,
and he gleefully commented on the fact that
I was wearing only jeans and a red tee shirt.

It's not my typical uniform when booked to perform at an event,
but he phoned me and had told me before that everyone there
would be dressed very casually, 
and anything more than jeans and a button-up shirt would seem out of place.

He wanted to surprise this industrious sales team--and congratulate them...something to do with their quota. I was his solution.

magic red shirt 2.png

"When I think of a magician, I think of.. you know..
someone carrying suitcases of stuff,"
he smiled and shook his head incredulously. 

I would fit right in until he announced me, I thought.

"Hey guys, this is for the magic you've managed to pull off..."

But what made this show so different
from others wasn't my attire.
I don't always perform in jeans and a red tee shirt,
but when I do...

I perform surrounded.

This time I was surrounded not only by the few dozen spectators in the room, but also there were another ten watching from two or three webcams that had been set up for the remote viewers.

I was surrounded from east coast to west coast.
My only hope was that my tag wasn't sticking out.


Jon Finch is one of the most popular magicians in Indianapolis and entertains around the Midwest.

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