One Trick I Wish I Knew...

Saturday was an eventful day.

The first was a sort of family celebration and the second was a Halloween party where there was plenty of alcohol and plenty of costumes.

For the Halloween audience I performed as a one-handed magician, 
holding a microphone in one hand and turning my tricks with the other.
There aren't many tricks a magician can do with one hand (unless that magician is Rene Levand),
so I did mentalism.
Fortunately every mentalism effect worked exactly as expected.
Unfortunately, only the audio was captured from that performance which is hardly worth putting on the website.

On the other side of the gaffed coin, there are a couple clips from that first dinner party. The occasion was not a Halloween party or a holiday party. It was the inauguration of an adopted child into a family. The baby was there and I knew I was competing with a different sort of magic.

Here's a clip from that party:


A great time was had by all. Wish I could've stayed longer but I had a show after that an hour and a half away, so I had to leave on the dot. The one trick I wish I knew was being in two two cities at once.

 Jon Finch is one of the most popular magicians in Indianapolis and entertains around the Midwest.

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