7 Mind Numbing Implications of Mind Reading

How would you like to live in a world where you (and everyone else) has immediate access to one another’s thoughts. From your doctor, to your Uber driver, from your professor to your student, your salesperson, your waiter, your parents, your children. Would you recognize that you are no very different from others? Or would you discover that the way you think is very different from the way others think?

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Never before Had I Performed Such A Show...

I was hired to perform for a tech company.
When I got there this morning, I was greeted by the man who found me,
and he joyfully commented on the fact that I was wearing only jeans and a red tee shirt.
It's not my typical uniform when booked to perform at an event,
but he had told me before that everyone there would be dressed very casually, 
and anything more than jeans and a button-up shirt would be out of place.
He wanted to surprise this industrious sales team--and congratulate them.  Something to do with their quota.

"When I think of a magician, I think of.. you know.. someone carrying suitcases of stuff," he smiled and shook his head.  I would fit right in until he announced me, "Hey guys, this is for the magic you've managed to pull off..."

But what made this show different from others wasn't my attire.
It was that I was surrounded not just by the two dozen spectators in the room, but there were also another dozen watching from two or three webcams that had been set up for the remote viewers.

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Magicians in Carmel Indiana

I was invited to his home to join the party as the entertainment at the end-of-Summer party for the honored few: his elite group of friends, foes, and associates. There were two other Indianapolis magicians--but kids magicians--for the younger crowd. I was hired to take care of the grown-ups.

When I met my point of contact she looked me up and down, then asked me what I needed.
I stood facing her wearing trousers and a dress shirt…

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When The Magician Walked onto The Stage They Laughed, But When He Started to Perform...

A short and stout teapot of a man waddled onto the stage. His very image prompts a ripple of laughter among the audience. By the middle of his show, everyone in the auditorium is in rapt attention, some members of the audience even get up from their seats to get closer to the performer and watch more carefully.

If nature ever intended Max Malini to become a magician, not even a mentalist could’ve guessed it...

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Will Robots Replace Magicians?

The comforting objection to Artificial Intelligence, “A computer can only follow the program written by a human,” is no longer true. Computers can now learn on their own. And they have. And between today and 20 years from now, today is the worst it will ever be...

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Magician Jon Finch Performs in Winnetka, Illinois

Indianapolis magician, sure, but only about half my shows are near Indianapolis.

Loved the show last night at the event in Winnetka, Illinois, celebrating the Vice President at Basic Wire and Cable.
I had already been looking forward to it because I love Winnetka, Illinois, but once I got there...

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7 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Never Be A Good Magician

People have said some pretty mean things about Donald Trump.  He's been described as "a privileged gasbag," "having a thrifty complexity," and being "one-dimensional" (except for his inter-dimensional hair)  On the other hand, he has a tremendous necktie.

I like him as much as the next guy, and would argue that he has more than just a tremendous necktie.  He has charisma, he has the gift of gab, and he's a born showman. 

So why would I write such a damaging post about his not being fit to be a magician?

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How A Mentalist "Reads Minds"

How would you like to go to bed every night knowing
you could non-locally, non-verbally engineer coincidences,
and influence events and people for your own benefit?

As a principled mentalist whose only intention is to deceive,
here is my take on this...

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