Tony Dungy - Colts Football Coach

After almost seven years as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungy said goodbye to the city and the team he took to Super Bowl success. And while the team, that took the NFL championship has not managed to repeat, Indy lovers never lost faith in the coach who managed to deliver.


Dungy's career with the NFL began playing for two years as a defensive back for the Pittsburgh Steelers . He turned to coaching, serving as the defensive backs coach for alma mater University of Minnesota. He returned into the Steelers and ball, functioning as the defensive backs coach and defensive coordinator until a move to Kansas City in 1989. Again in 1996, Dungy finally landed his first job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a coordinator.

Despite their reputation as a less than stellar group, Dungy turned the Bucs around in 1997 after touring the Indy 500, by finishing second in the NFC. But despite their increase in near the bottom of the package, Dungy was never able to take Tampa Bay into the Super Bowl. Team management fired him on January 14, 2002.

However, Tampa Bay's loss was Indianapolis' profit. Only eight days after being let go by the Bucs, the Indianapolis Colts hired Dungy to function as head coach on January 22, 2002. Five exciting years after, Dungy and the Colts chose Indianapolis fans to their first - and only - Super Bowl victory. Nevertheless, it was this long-awaited championship that secured his position of honor in Colts fans' hearts; it was the man himself that won over them.

Dungy's personality has been celebrated from the media. A devout Christian reflected his personal beliefs; Dungy led as a teacher who remained calm in the toughest of circumstances although many trainers motivated throughout intimidation and anger. Lovie Smith, the coach to Super Bowl XLI rivals Chicago Bears and a close friend to Dungy, shared this training philosophy, and took great pride in demonstrating that adequate guys may be winning trainers.

These personality traits were evident in all elements of his life at Indianapolis. A community leader who lent not just his title and financial support to local charities and civic organizations, Dungy also put significant personal effort into several programs such as"the Basket of Hope," a program assisting young patients at Riley Hospital for Children; Indianapolis big Brothers/Big Sisters; along with Indiana Black Expo.

Raising six children with his wife, Lauren, Dungy finally made the choice to step focus on his family and to go back to his house in Tampa.

And though they've lost him as their head coach, Indianapolis Colts fans will always observe the guy who left over simply their Super Bowl dreams come true; they'll celebrate the man who proved that personality, principle, and religion are far more important than championship wins.