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Best Live Entertainment Value
for Corporate Events

You may have already experienced some sort of entertainer, but hiring professional corporate entertainment can be a high point

Thanks to Jon Finch's unique entertainment you can enjoy an entertaining act, with incredible demonstrations that will leave your audience wanting more--not looking down at their phones.

The benefits of enlisting a master corporate magician like Jon Finch for your corporate event entertainment are endless…

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Energizes Your Audience at A Banquet

Put some pizzazz in your team, turn a dull event into an exciting event, turn sighs and yawns into laughs and gasps, by giving them some Finch Entertainment.

Makes Your Employee Entertainment Easy

No meals, airfares, hotel rooms, expensive rider, equipment rental--totally self-contained.
Makes your entertainment easy by using Finch Entertainment.

Improves Teamwork And Cooperation

Cultivate the positive culture of your company by booking Jon Finch to improve productivity and strengthen employee retention. The mind-shattering magic will get your employees laughing together and bonding with one another, while Finch's hyper-mentalism will enrich their working relationships and help them learn about one another and work together as a team. 

Corporate Magician

Supports Your Key Messages with Unique Entertainment

While the purpose of an event is to entertain your attendees, at a corporate gathering you must be able to meet and promote your sales objectives and justify why holding such an event is great value for money. Jon understands the importance of supporting your company’s key messages. 



As well as delivering an unforgettable performance – with "funny," "amazing," and "thought-provoking," just a few of the words used to describe Finch's after dinner entertainment style – Finch works to help you fulfill your commercial goals, whether you want to show appreciation, promote organizational change, or improve collaboration and cooperation company-wide.

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Boosts Attendance at Your Corporate Meetings

The average corporate event doesn’t have everyone jumping for joy. In fact, many guests may opt to avoid such occasions, but you’re more likely to get more people excited and wanting to attend if you can guarantee a good time with a seasoned corporate magician.  Entertainment is a vital part of fulfilling this promise.



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A Breakout Session Idea That Creates Hype

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point, and whether you want to admit it, as an event organizer or event planner, being one of the few to create a "hype" is definitely on your most wanted list. For corporate dinner entertainment with a dramatic difference, Finch the corporate magician is your guy. He has been a talking point at numerous events--including recent engagements for the Marriott, Berkshire Hathaway, YMCA, and TGIFridays--and offers something that audience members have never seen before and are likely to remember for years to come.

Cuts out The Booking Agency by Hiring Direct

Why pay 20% to 30% more for the same entertainer?
What's the magic formula? The trick is to book a corporate magician direct,
that way you're able to get more entertainment at the same rates.

Produces Employee Loyalty

A corporate magician like Finch engenders employee loyalty. 
You can't put a price on loyalty, which is why it's listed last, but certainly is not least. 

Builds Brand Awareness

A trade show magician like Jon Finch has a unique ability to generate informed, qualified leads to your booth, maintain your presence, and raise your brand awareness.



Here's what my corporate magician clients have to say:

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"Great entertainment for a party! Lots of fun! He knows how to work the crowd! Will have him again!" - Nancy McCormick - Cawley Chicago


"Jon was great! He went above and beyond and his services exceeded our expectations. He was easy to work with and is an amazing magician. We had him perform for our company during a celebratory event and everyone enjoyed the show. Great value and a great overall experience! -Sarah McGrath - Distance Learning Systems


Corporate Entertainer

"Jonathan was GREAT! I will strongly recommend him for anyone I know who is looking for a Magician or Mentalist! I am hoping to get him back to our area for our next event! I don't usually give reviews but he was well worth reviewing." - Barb Riesebeck - Aqua Illinois

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"Jonathan is a crowd grabber, throughout the evening I'd look over to see party guests saying, "How'd he do that?!?" He actually stayed way longer than agreed to. No complaints, all cheers,
highly recommended. Thanks again, Mr. Finch" -Dan Stivers - Coldwell Banker Brokerage

100% Risk Free Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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As a corporate magician, I am so confident that you will love my service that I offer a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee.

If you and your guests aren't thrilled with my performance and your guests aren't thanking you for having me there, you don't owe me a cent, and I will happily return every penny of your investment.

That is how confident I am about the quality of my services. This is a promise few entertainers are willing to make.


To contact Jon Finch now, it's easy. Simply email him at, or text/call (317) 766-6519.