With A Wedding Magician
Your Wedding
Will Be Magical


What Makes Your Wedding Reception The Best?

A magician is an accessory to your day, but more essential than you might first expect.  For your wedding, the booking fee may just be ornamental to the main expense, but everyone will really remember the entertainment--not the decorations, not the cake, not even the photography.  

They remember the entertainment.  

Don't believe it?

Studies consistently reveal this surprising pattern:
Just a recent one, in 2014, was a survey in Bridal Magazine of over 1,000 brides asking them to look back at their wedding.  

88% of brides stated that they wished that they had spent more money on entertainment.  


The reason for this is simple - the entertainment is generally overlooked even though it's usually the entertainment that enhances the ambience and helps make sure everyone has a great time.

Prevents Awkward Silences

The challenge with weddings is that you have a bunch of people who don't know each other coming together for the first time.

In this situation, a lot of people can be very shy and once the obvious questions are asked they run out of things to say.

This becomes an even greater challenge during the meal. You will never be able to organize table plans so that everyone knows each other. Having a magician can solve this problem almost immediately.


A good magician raises the entire atmosphere in the room as tables are laughing and cheering. Watching a magician performing on a nearby table builds anticipation and gets everyone talking about what they are about to see.


Breaks The Ice, Makes Friends at Your Wedding

Magic acts as an ice breaker. Once the magician has been at the table, everyone suddenly has something they can talk about.  

It gets your most reserved guests mingling and will provide lots of memorable moments and unique photo opportunities as people react to the magic and with one another.


The best part?  

For your investment it will be one of the smaller parts of your wedding budget, but will add something extraordinary to the day.

Gets You Photos You'll Remember Forever

You've spent a small fortune on a professional wedding photographer because you want to have the best photos ever.  Many couples ask the wedding photographer to walk around during the wedding breakfast and take pictures of guests having fun and smiling.  

bridal bride


It's a great idea, the only problem is when you point a camera at most people they freeze or do some sort of weird forced smile.  

It's More than A Quirky Wedding Entertainment Idea

That's why wedding photographers love us - they know the best pictures are captured when people look relaxed and natural.  Most photographers will follow us around and take pictures of your guests as we perform.  

wedding ideas

That's the best way to get pictures of people who are smiling, visibly happy and enjoying themselves. You will literally have hundreds of pictures of your guests reacting in a variety of different ways.

Keeps People Entertained during The Reception Breaks

I know what you're thinking:

You don’t need a magician, your guests are coming to see you get married--not to be entertained.


Sounds like a fair point, but there are several moments during a wedding reception where there's not much going on.  If you're not careful, your guests can get bored which really has an impact on your special day as a whole.

The two moments that spring to mind are during the photos after the ceremony and after the speeches, before the evening guests arrive.  


The issue with the photos is that only immediate family are involved.  Everyone else is standing around hungry waiting for the food. 

Having a magician during this lull period might not fill their stomachs but it definitely fills the time with fun memories.

You Want Your Wedding to Be Fun!

Here's the deal:

After the speeches there's typically an hour or two hours before your evening guests arrive.  Normally there is nothing for the guests to do other than wait for the evening reception to start.  

The evening guests are joining an existing party and magic helps bring them into groups to watch.  Having a magician during this period will keep everyone energized until the evening reception starts. 

wedding reception

In both situations, close up magic acts as not only a fun form of entertainment but also has a purpose that really has a positive impact on the running of the wedding celebrations.  
Your wedding is a special event which demands more than a glass of wine and a photo booth.  
You need entertainment.

You need magical entertainment.

Wedding Entertainment


Jon Finch is a wedding magician based in Indianapolis, Indiana.