How far does Jon travel?  

Most of his engagements are within Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, and Michigan.  However, Finch has also performed in places like Nova Scotia and even Alaska. 

How did Jon Finch become the greatest magician in USA?

It’s actually a really funny story. So, it’s 2003, this guy shows up at Jon’s door with this box, and there’s this button inside the box; and the guy says, “If you push this button, your greatest dream will come true…but somebody, somewhere, will die.”

And so, Finch pushed the button, Mister Rogers died, and here Jon Finch is!

How far in advance should I make my booking?

How busy can one guy be? You'd be surprised. We take a minimum of 2 bookings per week, which means early booking is the best way to get the date you want. Then again, sometimes you get lucky at the last minute. Best advice--book early to avoid the disappointment of hiring another performer.

How much?

You're not a mind reader, but that’s nothing to be concerned about.
Rather than surprise you with any additional costs,
we will look at everything you need and give you the best possible deal.
Depending on various factors including the gate and region, Finch’s rate typically falls between $750 and $2500.
Look here for the most in depth look at magician prices available.
With a few details about your event (location, number of guests, duration, etc.), you can get an exact quote when you contact Jon.

For more on how much a magician costs, click here.

What age range does Finch perform for?

The themes of the show are most suitable for and best understood by people ages 10+.  
If there are younger children among your guests, such as between ages 7 and 12,
Jon is happy to let them follow him around while he performs, and will try to include them.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Once you've agreed to hire him,
Jon himself will message, text, or call to talk with you
to be sure  Finch is the perfect fit for your event.

What's the difference between magic and mentalism? 

Magic is apparently doing the impossible; mentalism is consistently doing the improbable. Making an object vanish or appear is impossible. Correctly guessing or predicting someone's thought is possible--just very unlikely.

Would you rather perform 100 card tricks for one person,
or one card trick for an audience of a hundred?  

This should be in the Infrequently Asked Questions page.

I heard that he once performed at three shows--one in Cincinnati, one in Chicago, and one in St. Louis--all simultaneously.  
What steps do I need to take to hire him?

It's easier than you think. Just email him at, or call/text him at (317) 766-6519.