If you want to make your event magical, we suggest that you hire a magician. This applies whether you will arrange a family reunion, a block party, wedding, company picnic, corporate function, awards ceremony, or even kids' birthday party. These days, magicians are a dime a dozen; but good magicians are hard to come by. And each one of these good magicians has their own flair, specialties, and voice. Therefore, it might take some time to hire the best one that is most suitable for your event. Below are some tips that might assist you.

There is one way to make your event really magical - employ a magician! Finding the perfect fit for an event certainly takes time. I talked with my magician friends to provide us some guidance on ways you can work your magic to obtain the ideal magician for your event. Here's what they discussed:

Know Your Audience
When choosing a magician, you must first think about the event you're hosting. Are you searching for a magician to perform at a kid's birthday party? These particulars play a role in your search. There are adult and/or corporate magicians and there are children's magicians. You would not want to inadvertently employ a birthday party magician to perform for your corporate customers! Nor would you want an adult magician performing for your 5 year old's birthday party (the price would be at least twice as much, and the kids wouldn't have as much fun).

Do Your Research
When you start your search for a magician - visit magician's websites directly and have to understand what they must give. Avoid websites like GigMasters and Gigsalad, as they have no real evaluation system and you'll end up paying more for your magician since the magician incurs an additional cost when going through a booking platform. Additionally, Gigmasters allows their "gold membership" performers to upload two very small, compressed videos. Thumbtack lets performers post links to Youtube videos. So Thumbtack is better for you to look at many videos. Best of all is visiting the magician's website.

Clients should only look at hiring magicians who have performance videos and reviews on their websites. Hiring a magician without seeing a video of him performing for real people would be like purchasing a car without test driving it.

Reading client reviews on a performer's profile is a very important step in the search procedure. Reviews you'll discover on GigMasters' profiles are written by actual customers who have worked with this particular magician. Make sure that you check at reviews which are suitable to your event kind. 

Concerns for the Kids
If you're hiring a magician for a kids' event, you will likely have concerns about encouraging a performer (who you do not know) around your children. Many customers might be looking for entertainment for their children, and we all know our children are our most precious possessions. You may wish to find out if the magician you're thinking about is someone who works well with children and can keep their attention for more than 15 minutes. You also need the performer to be somebody who's very trustworthy.

Experts Only Please
When a client is thinking about hiring a magician they ought to pay very close attention to the length of time the performer has been doing magic professionally. It's not tough to browse on the internet and purchase a dozen magic tricks, but devising entertaining routines with strong magic that can make your occasions successful takes a lifetime of expertise. Also, when a performer has worked hundreds of different kinds of events you can be confident that he or she is going to be able to accommodate your requirements and deal with any changes or issues that come up at the event.

You should also ask any magician you're considering hiring if they're insured. In my view, it's not worth the possibility of hiring somebody who is not insured. Live magicians and entertainers are operating with props and people in the event, although we do not like to think of it, injuries can occur. It will give you piece of mind when hiring the magician.

Touch and Join
Whenever you have narrowed your magician selection, you should contact each of them. At that stage the magician will contact you and establish a time to discuss your event in greater detail. Before you talk to the entertainer, you need to have a list of questions ready, so you don't overlook any important details.

    Tell us about your show, which type of show can we anticipate?
    What kinds of magic do you perform?
    What effects or type of magic effects are you going to be performing?
    How long have you been doing professionally?
    Are you a professional performer--is this your primary career?
    Where can we see you or where do we see videos of you?
    Do you do anything special for the guest of honor?
    Have you got liability insurance?
    Will you provide references?
    Have you ever missed a show?
    Do you stay after the show? 

You should feel free to ask the entertainers you're considering whatever strikes your mind. The more info that you have, the higher the likelihood of you finding the ideal fit for your occasion. Whenever you are ready to book, make sure you get everything in writing with an entertainment contract. It's the ideal way to safeguard your event.

There are a lot of hobbyists and some are very good at what they do. A number of them have their own websites.

Consequently, if you want to be certain that everyone at the event will have a great time, we suggest that you choose a professional instead of an amateur or hobbyist. Even if a hobbyist is good at magic, that doesn't mean he'll be organized, courteous, good with people, arrive on time, or be insured, have a rider and contract, and be professional.

Originality and Style

The sort of magician you want depends upon your personal taste in addition to the subject of the event. It is possible to discover magicians with good sense of humor and bright clothing. In precisely the same way, there are a few magicians who are complex, suave, mysterious, sophisticated, or even serious. There are edgy magicians, and there are magicians who are clean as a whistle.

So, it's better that you choose the type of entertainer you want. Based on what you prefer, you can opt for either style or creativity.


Based on the performer's skill, demand, and experience, costs may vary. As an example, if you would like to engage a favorite celebrity, you ought to be prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a full stage show. On the other hand, if you opt for a local hobbyist magician, you might manage with $100 or less (you can find such a hobbyist at a local magic club--they're always eager to practice new tricks they bought the week prior). You can take a look at the websites of various magicians to get a fairly good idea of the price.

If you are going to arrange a huge business meeting, it is a good idea to hire a professional because you can afford the price. For a small occasion of children, you can perform with an amateur also. This may save you a good deal of cash.

Request Questions

Before hiring a magician, be sure you ask them questions regarding their experience, tricks, testimonials along with the type of magic they will perform. Some professionals can be seen performing at shows and events that are open to the public, whereas other magicians do private events only. You could also find that some remain at local bars or restaurants. Thus, you can go there to experience their performance. You can even ask them to get their promotional videos.

When viewing, what you need to consider is the magic tricks being performed and not the flash magic tricks that were done for the movie camera. Therefore, it is a whole lot easier to attend a magic show so you can find a better idea of what the professional can perform for you if you hire them. Besides that, in a real event, you will have the ability to see how people respond to the suggestions.

Long story short, if you are going to hire a magician for a coming event, we recommend that you think about the hints given above. This will help you get the very best expert for your event.