Magician early Jonathan Finch

How It All Began...

Jon Finch was born at a very early age in Terre Haute, IN. His first experience of magic was in an auditorium.

Picture young Jon Finch at 5 years old sitting in the audience with his hand held high. The stage magician, dressed in black and white, selects young Jon as the volunteer.

Little Jon Finch is standing on the stage with the magician towering above him.

The stage magician handed Jon a magic wand which broke to pieces in little Jon's hand. The crowd of kindergarteners roared in laughter seeing this.

Next, the stage magician, with a looming evil grin growing every second, handed boy Jon a wooden box and told him to open it. The box was unopenable!

In this way the show continued, the elementary audience howling in laughter at the humiliation of Jon Finch. That was the last Jon saw of him. 

The last anyone saw of him.

Jon Finch would hold onto the fury for the rest of his life. That was when Jon Finch decided to become a magician and eliminate bad magic from the world for good.

Jonathan Finch Indianapolis Magician

When Jon Finch was six years old, his grandfather noticed the keen interest in magic. When Jon's 1st grade teacher caught Jon spending his recesses in the corner of the room reading the encyclopedia, she alerted his grandfather.


Buatier de Kolta magician

In those fascinating encyclopedias, Jon had read about the greats in magic
(Buatier de Kolta, Leipzig, Dai Vernon, Thurston, Robert Houdin) and in mentalism (Dunninger, Kreskin, Banachek).

If he could go back in history (and of course he can) the person he'd most like to meet would be Dunninger the mentalist.

His mother and grandfather noticed. They, not realizing the consequences of their actions, procured a magic set.

Young Jon Finch performing the 2nd oldest trick in the history of magic, the Linking Rings, with participant (Jon's slow cousin). 1994

Young Jon Finch performing the 2nd oldest trick
in the history of magic, the Linking Rings, with participant (Jon's slow cousin). 1994

A Man Who Knows...

Finch became even more interested in mentalism when he had a religious experience upon shaking hands with Chuck Norris, and continues to use his gift of mentalism to enhance his magic.

Finch's trademark hyper-mentalism differs from ordinary, run-of-the-mill mentalism in that ordinary mentalism typically uses complicated processes and convoluted methods to achieve what, in a perfect world, ought to be simple and direct mind reading.

Hyper-mentalism uses simple processes and simple methods to achieve extraordinary, direct mind reading.

Despite the missed calls and a few received calls from Norris cautioning him to slow down, Finch continues to perform his mind reading demonstrations for race car drivers, Fortune 500 companies, and VIPs at exclusive events.

Among other achievements, Finch has proven that a person can go on to have a successful career despite majoring in psychology. For his final 2 years at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, he was elected the President of the Indiana University Magicians Club.

When Jon Finch matriculated to Evansville, IN for his masters degree, he was booked to perform at the Marriott hotel; in addition to this performance schedule and providing entertainment for a few wedding receptions and company ceremonies, he performed behind the bar in TGIFriday's every week, until he finally returned to Central Indiana where it all began.

Emerald Isle, 1994 Magician Jon Finch performing his entire mindreading act blindfolded

Emerald Isle, 1994 Magician Jon Finch performing his entire mindreading act blindfolded

Not The First Magician, But The Last...

Jon Finch was the first Indianapolis magician to create a mystique in the public's eye...

In 2000, while earning his first bachelors degree, Jon began performing professionally as a restaurant magician at Chateau Thomas Winery. 

Not seen in public for 10 years--from 2004 to 2014--apparently without an offstage life, Finch returned to the stage in 2014. 

Finch The Miracle Man now performs his close-up magic event JeeWizard, that imbues belief into even the most doubtful of doubting audiences.  He demonstrates feats of mind reading that baffle not only the laity, but also experienced magicians and seasoned mentalists.

The Perfect Wedding of Mystery And Comedy

One source called Finch, "a mentalist masquerading as a magician."  His infectious smile, warm sarcasm, and radiant charisma makes for a positively delightful yet baffling event. As a guest in Jon's show, don't expect be spectating--you will be participating in the mind-boggling magic.  

That means that whether you catch him as an accessory to a wedding making that special occasion extra special with his brand of wedding reception entertainment, or if you catch him at an award ceremony or trade show, or whether you catch him stealing your friend's wristwatch--you will see objects float out of your hand, and thoughts float out of your head and out of his mouth.

If you are one of the 4 people reading this, you can look forward to an experience you will remember for several lifetimes if you ever get the chance to see Jon Finch.

Magician Indianapolis

If you see Jon Finch perform, it'll probably be the last magician you ever see perform; because you'll hire him for your next event, and the event after that, and all the events in your life!