Growing up As A Magician in Indianapolis

I didn't have the luxury of growing up in a tourist town, let alone in Las Vegas. But growing up in Indianapolis had its benefits.

me in gradeschool.jpg

A lack of nightlife leads to the library

When I was growing up, the nightlife in Indianapolis wasn't available to me. So at my request, every weekday my mom would drop me off to the library. There I devoured the books on magic I could get my hands on.

Some of the books were just okay, but a couple of them were great. This sparked my keen interested in reading good books on magic. A well-rounded magician learns magic by books and video.

magician in football helmet.jpg

When you're not good at much else...

When you aren't good at much else (like sports), you learn to trick people into liking you or being impressed by you.

That's the folly of a small town boy--there's always a yearning to travel outside your hometown and wonder whether you'd make it big if you were stuck some place else.

Here you can see my trying to play football.

me at prom.jpg

The most interesting thing about Indianapolis

They say the most interesting thing about Indy is all the places in the world outside of Indy. But I say if you search within yourself, you'll find the true magic of Indianapolis, which has nothing to do with the city. 

The author Jon Finch is a magician in Indianapolis who makes parties successful.