Indianapolis Wines Show There's More to the State than Just Sport


Indianapolis is renowned for items its athletic heritage and Hall Of Fame Museum where you can tour the race track through to the Pacers basketball team and the Colts Football team. And it’s also known for the White River State Park. Until recently it hasn't been widely known for the many wineries. The opening of the Gaia Wines Contemporary Winery in 1996 has sought to change this state of affairs, bringing the art of the winemaker into the Indiana region.

Since the 19th winery of Indiana, Gaia has had to fit into its environment, whilst creating its own niche. Nestled centrally from the up market historic gallery and theater district on Massachusetts Avenue, just two minutes walk away from the exclusive luxury Conrad Hotel, the business has needed to rapidly gain a high class reputation so as to suitably fit into the area. In the brief time since it setup, the newest winery of Indiana has triumphed spectacularly by hosting private functions and handling to create 14 new award winning wines, introducing restaurants in addition to providing meeting rooms.

Angee Walberry and Margaret Broderick owns and run gaia Wines, which makes it the only winery from the United States, and upholds the perfect to provide an enlightening and enjoyable winery experience within a modern environment.

Margaret Broderick believes,"If we, as a winery, are going to succeed it is essential that we educate and make more Americans aware of the advantages and pleasures of wine."

With gifts and accessories, wine appreciation courses, and extra entertainment such as comedy shows and Sunday Jazz, as well as monthly specials, this little winery fits nicely into the growing scene that has started to emerge within the last couple of decades.

Other recommended wineries worth visiting Indiana include the Easley Winery along with the Chateau Thomas Winery, with meeting rooms, events and actions, as well as both offering free tasting sessions and guided tours.

Although often not widely recognized outside the state, the Indiana dirt and climate supply wine conditions that are great for the popular and dependable Cabernet Sauvignon grape varietal. The potency of those wines has yet now gradually started to be noticed by the broader vintner community, together with the Easley Winery recently receiving a well deserved Gold Medal for their lively Cabernet"packed with fruity overtones and black currant aromas", though some of their sweet blush wines are also definitely worth a preference to see what the area can truly provide in the way of rich vibrant tastes.

Even though it may not now be as widely regarded as California's Napa Valley for the consistent quantity, quality and thickness of the wines produced, Indiana is surely an up and coming region with some forward looking manufacturers, who are managing to create some intriguing wines which deserve to be taken seriously, and so are well worth seeing if you get the chance.