For some reason, you got really curious and decided to find this page of infrequently asked questions.

Well, here you go:

1. Does he have my date open?

2. Has he done events at my event location before?

3. If not, is he familiar with the location?

4. How long has he been in business?

5. How many of these events have you done?

6. How many shows do you do in an average weekend?

7. What sets you apart from your competition?

8. Are there any other services that you provide, such as give-away items, custom-themed shows, live animals, assistants, etc.?

9. How far in advance do I need to secure your services?

10. How do you react when someone offers to show you a trick?

11. What do you do when someone asks you to teach them a trick?

12. The turnout at the party is lower than expected.  The only group you haven't performed for is the one with severely drunk bikers, and they are all friends of the person who hired you.  You have been requested.  How do you handle this scenario?

13. Against your better judgment, you stayed at a table where people were eating.  While shuffling your deck of cards, the man dropped them into his tomato soup.
Now what would you do?

14. A mother begs you to perform something for her 3 year old girl,
assuring you that the child is precocious, knows 200 words already, and is already aspiring to be a princess when she grows up.
What would you do?

15. Just as you do the stunning, climactical finish of a trick, a two servers brings 11 plates of food.  And no one sees the finish.  How have you handled this?

16. While performing for a table with two married couples, unexpectedly one of the women whispers an obscene proposition into your ear.  What do you do?

17. While performing for a table with two married couples, unexpectedly one of the men whispers an obscene proposition into your ear.  What do you do?

18. You've just finished your strongest closer, which depends heavily on the element of surprise; when some friends of the participants arrive and you are begged to do that one again.  How do you react?

19. You are in the middle of a card trick, and the man forgets the name of his selected card.  You also forgot to instruct him to show it around to others.  How have you handled this in the past?

20. A man says loudly, "Show my friend that trick where you steal his wristwatch without his noticing!"  What do you do?

21. A young man claims the playing card that appeared in his pocket is not the one he selected.  You know that it is, but you cannot prove it.  What would you do?

22. One of our guests has crippling arthritis in his hands and can barely open or close them.  Can you perform anything for him?

23. Suddenly, in the middle of your performance, a tipsy woman plunges her hand into your jacket pocket.  How would you respond in this situation?

24. How much time do you spend with each group of people?

25. What criteria or aspects do you look for in selecting your effects?

26. In a group of 50 parties guests--who have already formed small groups of between 2 and 7 people--how do you decide which group to approach first?

27. As you confidently and warmly reach the first group of people for whom to perform your first set, the man, a total stranger to you, sternly says, "We don't want to see any stupid magic."  What is your reaction?

28. The distinguished-looking gentleman with the silver hair, after apparently really enjoying your performance, says, "So, what do you do for a living?  What's your real job?"  What would be your answer to this gentleman?

29. At the end of your first routine, the fun-loving guy says to his friends, "We'd better watch our wallets."  How have you responded?

30. At the end of your second routine, a man says, "Can you make my wife disappear?"  
What is your answer?

31. If his wife were sitting beside him...would your answer be different?

32. Someone requests you to join his buddies on Tuesday to play poker.
Do you accept or decline?

33. A playful young woman puts the coin into her cleavage and smiles.  Her boyfriend, who is twice your size, is not smiling.  Whom do you address next, and what is the expression on your face?

34. I once saw Lance Burton do a trick at the end of which, the subtext was,
"Gotcha, you suckers!" or "See, you never win!"  Do you perform such tricks where the audience feels they are following everything closely, but in the end are framed as the bird-brained losers?
Why or why not?

35. Someone mistakes you for the bartender and asks you to make him a martini.
What is your response?

36. Someone mistakes you for a server, and requests more napkins.
What would you do?

37. Do you permit video recording of your performance?

38. Can you provide me with 3 to 4 recent customers that I can contact for references?

39. Do you solicit outside work during working hours?

40. If there are multiple event locations, does your pricing quote include travel between event locations?

41. If there is any deposit, when is it due?

42. When is the final payment due?

43. Do you accept tips?  

44. If the event lasts longer than scheduled, what, if any, are the overtime charges?

45. Do you have a contract, and, if so, when can I expect to receive my contract from you?

46. Are there any additional fees that could accrue that I am not taking into account, like travel expenses or charges for special magical requests?

47. What is your refund policy if for some reason I need to cancel or alter my date?

48. If you use fire in any part of your magic performance, or if you perform any other apparently dangerous effects, do you carry liability insurance? NOTE: At this time I neither perform apparently dangerous effects, nor do I perform with fire (anymore).

49. If I hire you for a ceremony and want you to play at the rehearsal, what is the extra charge?

50. Would you rather perform 100 card tricks for one person, or one card trick for an audience of a hundred?