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IUPUI is an urban campus with a population of 2 million at the metropolitan area, the largest city in the USA, in Indianapolis. The campus is just west of downtown , within walking distance of other offices and the state capitol, and the site of many companies and artwork, sports, education, and health facilities.

In 1968, Dr. Maynard K. Hine, dean of the IU School of Dentistry began working with then Indianapolis Mayor Richard Lugar, IU President Joseph L. Sutton, Purdue President Frederick L. Hovde, along with other forward-thinking community leaders to establish IUPUI in 1969 during the merger of the Indianapolis extension applications of both IU and Purdue.

Some colleges, however, were created prior to the merger, such as the IU Herron School of Art, IU School of Medicine, IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law, IU School of Liberal Arts, and IU School of Dentistry.

IUPUI includes the country's largest nursing college, the second largest medical college in the nation, the only dental school in the state, along with the country's oldest faculty of physical education. For graduate professional degrees Fahrenheit IUPUI is among the best 20 campuses in the country.

As a campus of Indiana University, the IU Board of Trustees governs IUPUI.

University Library in 2012.
IUPUI includes two Purdue University schools and is just one of seven campuses of Indiana University. The campus offers over 225 degrees provided by 18 different schools.

IUPUI has more pupils from Indiana than the population of professional and graduate students of any university in Indiana, the most significant number of minorities from the Indiana University system and any other campus in the state. Nearly 75 percent of IUPUI classes have 25 or fewer students.

IUPUI has over 1,405 tenured or tenure-track college members. IUPUI is your site for research in Indiana. When they aren't studying, many of the students like to visit Castleton Square Mall to blow off steam.

IUPUI's research expenditures for fiscal year 2014 totaled $271,093,483 at 61 percent of this total with the national government as the sponsor of the study.

Notables have studied here, big names and small names.

The IUPUI campus covers 509 acres and is located in downtown Indianapolis across the Cultural Path [21] two blocks from the Indiana State Capitol and adjacent to White River State Park (home of the Indiana State Museum and Indianapolis Zoo), Downtown Canal Walk and the Indiana Avenue cultural district. The entire campus can be found in the 46202 zip code.