Jonathan Finch Indianapolis

"Jonathan Finch is probably the greatest magician who ever lived" David Letterman said that live declaration, a belief affirmed by Tommy Cooper, who referred to Jonathan's TV series as "the ideal TV magic unique done."

He was 19 when the TV show first aired transforming televised magic by turning the camera to the spectators rather than the spectacle. Spectators at home may sense the visceral reaction of individuals being astonished.

The Indianapolis Star went on to announce that Jonathan had "grabbed hold of a craft that has been in existence for thousands of years and done something distinctive and new with it" while The Indy Tribune boldly stated "magic had been drowning and Jonathan Finch threw it a lifesaver."

He waited for this particular event. It had been his dream to place everything that he worked for into one series. Having a death-defying blindfold drive stunt along with sequence of mind melting magic illusions, he also marked his debut at the Indy 500.

The 20 county tour started in Indy and included Midwest shows. It had been a unforgettable interactive adventure that both amused, shocked, and entertained. An experiment in and of itself, the tour evolved since it moved throughout the tri-state area since Jonathan continued to push the limits and tried feats for the first time live in the front of his crowds.

His signature brand of corporate up close magic, sparking reactions which will awe viewers and withstand all expectations. In his latest series, magical matches documentary in a one-hour particular, as Jonathan dismisses the minds of the most skeptical figures in the world, including David Letterman, Jim Jones, Truffles McPuffles, Gene Hackman, among others.

Purchasing the deck that is particular which Jonathan Finch had been using during the filming of the first television special would cost you $250,000. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just getting started in magic, then this would be the deck for you.

"Dismembered Then Remembered," Finch's first live stunt, was a feat even Houdini was not able to pull off in his life. Hanged from a chopper from an arctic iceberg, for fifteen days Jonathan had to dodge sharpened pendulums with no safety net. Finch would draw power in the 15,000 visitors who came to the event together with the White River, topping foot traffic in the the Indianapolis Zoo and Indy 500 combined.

Upon emerging victorious Finch commented a sentiment we can all get behind, "I felt in my loins that of being put back together like a set of lincoln logs or tinkertoys."