Magician for Sorority Party

If you're looking for some unique entertainment for your sorority party that brings people together and gets people talking, you should seriously consider booking magician Jon Finch to make your guests howl with delight.

Since 2001, Jon Finch has been making sorority parties fun! They'll be talking about your party until the end of 2018!

magician for sorority party


Your guests will feel ghosts touching them. They'll see objects floating above their own hands. You'll hear words they've never uttered before. It's not cheesy magic. It's strong magic. It's freaky magic. It's seriously fun magic, which is what a sorority party is all about.

The Best Entertainment for Your Sorority Party You Could Possibly Have

Other magicians make a huge mess. A DJ isn't enough, everyone does that. A juggler juggling machetes over the heads of your friends would be fun. But forget that. Don't get a juggler.

Book a magician like Jon Finch. No one has ever been harmed during the course of his 17 year magic career. He's the real deal, and your guests will have the night of their lives.

magician for sorority party

magician for sorority party

What Am I Thinking?

Let your guests gamble with the choices they make, but don't gamble on hiring a second rate sorority party entertainer who may spill alcohol on your friend's cute outfit.

Jon Finch knows when someone is about to spill their drink. He is a mentalist who can set up the game in which your guests can choose a partner.

He doesn't know everything, but he knows what you're thinking before you thought it (and can prove it). Either way, it's perfectly suitable for a sorority party.