Some Recommended Cincinnati’s Bars and Cafes

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Recommended Cincinnati’s Bars and Cafes

Music is everywhere in Cincinnati and it helps your mood keeps good during the holiday. Even if you enjoying your meal, you will have your own soundtrack to keep you remind this city. Here are some the bars with live music you could visit.

  • Arnold’s Bar & Grill. This is the Cincinnati’s oldest tavern that established in 1861. You will see the bathtub outside the bar which becomes the memorable item of the bar. The live local music is available most nights in the courtyard. In addition, to keep the history of the bar, there is acts play Roots and Americana music. A front porch and sit back are available as the stage.

  • MOTR Pub. In Cincinnati, Ohio, you will find the history of promoting local music by the owner of this pub. The commitment of the owner is to showcasing local acts and bring the creative event. Movies night are available including a writer’s night.

  • The Historic Southgate House. This is a historic home. It has three music areas which offer an open mic night, intimate and relaxed performance. The local acts are available including a smaller bar on the second floor and the horseshoe style sitting in the balcony.

  • The Northside Tavern. Most of the music here is homegrown although an occasional national grace it. you will not confuse to find it because it is located in the heart of Cincinnati’s most diverse neighborhoods. It is full of city’s musicians. Therefore, you can hear anything around.

It must be a great idea to have the local foods here. The city is full of heritage and it helps you to feel the different sensation of holidays. The live music is everywhere and contains the talented local singers. From pop to rock, from the old songs to the new one, all of them are singing very well. You really do not need to worry about the cost to enjoy this performance because all of them are in budget.

The love music is not always only in the evening. Some bars provide it from the noon to the evening until they closed. Cincinnati gives you the great experience and sure the great soundtrack of you.

Therefore, whenever you hear the songs, you can remind yourself about your experience in this city after eating some local Cincinnati foods. Bring your partner here and have a great dinner moment will be the best moment to have, especially if both of you could enjoy the live music performance.