"As a magician I promise never to reveal the secret of any illusion unto the laity, unless one swears to maintain the Magician's Oath in turn. I promise never to execute any illusion for any layperson without practicing the effect before I could do it well enough to keep the illusion of magic."

If you are truly devoted to learning and understanding the magical arts, then you should stand proudly and say the aforementioned Magician's Oath. By doing so, you establish yourself as a magician along with making the promise to yourself and other magicians you will uphold your promise and not knowingly show secrets of the trade except by your inexperience.

As much as magic is about amusing and amazing your crowd and leaving them with a sense of wonder, magic is also about your enjoying what you're doing. If a trick you are about to perform had been revealed to your audience, you'll realize that the fun of this scenario has all but vanished.

Recognizing the ramifications that showing a suggestion can have in your operation and the performance of others should be sufficient to dissuade you from doing this. However, if it is not, remember that many individuals perform magic tricks for a living. Would you pay to find a magician in the event that you knew how all his tricks were performed? Most people would not.

One of the characteristics of top magicians is the self-control to keep secrets. Learn more about the traits of magicians.

Magicians who've entered the lime light to reveal secrets have been publicly outed previously and now find themselves no more active in the realm of magic, and also ostracized.

Among the most significant things about magic is that the possibilities are infinite. Old tricks can always be shifted around to ensure that the revealed secret is no longer applicable and also a fresh trick is born. By studying hints from Jon Finch, you will start to realize that the skill you gain here are the building blocks for the future in magic.