Letter of Reference                                 May 20, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

As you know if you have attended more than 3, corporate events are often mind-numbing, tedious mandatory appearances which require a great deal of caffeine or other beverages to maintain the smile and interest required to stay employed.  I am blessed to work with a group of people who are far from tedious and boring, for which I am extremely grateful.  
If you are not as lucky – or worse – you find yourself in charge of arranging the next corporate function, have I got an idea for you!  We had Jon Finch, Magician at our latest corporate event and his personal magic style had everyone mesmerized – even the skeptics.  It took a corporate party from fun to amazing.  His walk-around mingling magic style ensured that everyone was in on the action.  He mingles with the group smoothly and seamlessly.  This party was going to be fun no matter what, but his magical, mystical illusions had everyone buzzing about the show for weeks afterward.  
We definitely took our gatherings to a whole new level with Jon.  If you are struggling to figure out how to keep your next event from being “soul sucking boring” then hire him.  It’s real magic, right in front of you.  Seeing a magic show at a theater is cool, sure.  But when you have the magician in front of 3 or 4 skeptics, watching his every move, trying to catch him and unable to see how he did that.  It was awesome.  We were picking a card from the deck and watching everything and then shazam, the card was hanging from his mouth.  We had no clue - then poof, he blew it and it fluttered down onto the deck on the table.  It really is amazing.   

He was very easy to book, responded to the email and phone calls very quickly.  He is very professional and was so easy to work with.  Basically, we threw him right into the fray.  He customizes his performance to each event, so you will get an incredibly personal experience.  The cost was very reasonable compared to the value of the entertainment.  He worked with each attendee and tailored his art to their personality.  
Several of us are booking him for birthdays, retirements and a Halloween BASH.  We can’t recommend him enough.  He mingled far beyond the four hours he was booked for, and he made sure to interact with everyone in attendance, which was impressive because it was over 200 guests.  What an investment, it made our event the talked about party of the season.  
We can’t recommend him enough.  Jon Finch ROCKED our open house, we can’t walk the halls here or have a meeting without people saying how great he was. 

Jeanette B – Dayton Ohio