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Jon Finch,
You're Hiring A Professional...


“Jon was a fabulous entertainer. He was casual but professional and entertained all evening. We're still talking about several of his tricks. It was a great night of some truly amazing magic and mind reading. Jon is goofy and personable. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for unique entertainment for their next event!” -Katherine Hinkle


“Jon Finch was delightful to work with. Everyone loved his magic and he was wonderful with our crowd. We hope to use him again for future events! It added so much to our event, making it a spectacular evening!

I've just been talking to the attendees and everyone says they loved his magic. We hope he will come to future events. Thanks, again!” -Joan Thompson


I employed Jon for my bf’s 50th birthday. Jon was communicative, timely and professional. Our guests loved his illusions. He stayed a bit later as he was available and mingled. Would contract with him again.

Ashley Forman, Vice President, Product Management
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chicago, Illinois


Indianapolis Wedding Magician

"Had Jon at my daughters wedding.
Did a great job walking around entertaining guests.
Amazing magic.
He'll be back for my next daughter's wedding." -Cameron Aller


Corporate Magician

"Great entertainment for a party!
Lots of fun!
knows how to work the crowd!
Will have him again
-Nancy McCormick - Cawley Chicago


fundraiser magician

"We hired Jon as a mentalist for a fundraising cocktail party
held at our house for 100 people. He was
We were looking for someone who would casually work the crowd
but not demand a stage kind of performance,
more in the background and
Jon was perfect and so entertaining!
The feedback we received was so positive and people were blown away
at how fun, professional and talented he is.
-Stacy Purcell


"Jon was great! He went above and beyond and his services exceeded our expectations. He was easy to work with and is an amazing magician. We had him perform for our company during a celebratory event and everyone enjoyed the show. Great value and a great overall experience! -Distance Learning Systems" -Sarah McGrath


Indianapolis Corporate Magician

"Jon was GREAT!
I will
strongly recommend him for anyone I know
ho is looking for a Magician or Mentalist!

I am hoping to get him back to our area for our next event!
I don't usually give reviews but he was well worth reviewing."
-Barb Riesebeck - Aqua Illinois



"We had Finch Entertainment for a family dinner party and it was fantastic.  
Everyone enjoyed the show.  
He made his way through the entire group, it was great." -Sherri Lutes


corporate magician.jpg

"Jon is a crowd grabber,
throughout the evening I'd look over to see party guests saying,
"How'd he do that?!?"

He actually stayed way longer than agreed to.
No complaints, all cheers,
highly recommended.
Thanks again, Mr. Finch"
-Dan Stivers - Coldwell Banker Brokerage


Indianapolis magician for hire

"It was the best thing I did for the party.”  -Dustin Grove


Corporate magician

"Had Jon perform for my daughter's high school volleyball team,
coaches and parents during the down time between sectional games.
He showed up on time. He was
very professional and entertaining.
We all enjoyed his performance. He is funny and talented, performing numerous card and magic tricks for over an hour, he kept us laughing and clapping. He even worked a little over the agreed upon time.
highly recommend him and would definitely hire him again.
Also, he was prompt in responding to my inquiry for a magician
and traveled an hour one way to work for me." -Dr. Michael R. Shaw


Indianapolis magician jon finch

"Finch has the ability of making you think it just might be real;
his performance was absolutely
I highly recommend him!" -Dr. Jennifer Hynes


indianapolis magician for hire

"Jon performed in our wine room for New Year's Eve.
He was
professional and very entertaining with our customers which had a great time!
Thank you!" -Stephanie Gordon Foyt Wine Vault Venue Manager


Corporate Magician

"We hope to see him again at many more parties to come!
highly recommend him." -Kathy DiBella - Patcraft Flooring


Private Party Magician Jon Finch Indianapolis

"I cannot call what you are doing 'tricks.'
I'm not the easiest audience,
but you're absolutely fantastic.
Simply, see this guy." -Brandi Eweka.


party magician

You're not a magician--you're something else. -Kevin Bales PGA Golf Professional at Muirfield Village Golf Club


magician reviews

"Wonderful! Thanks so much for being flexible." -Kerri Cohen

magician reviews

Jon was on time, stayed way later than we expected (bonus!) and did a great job of mingling and engaging the crowd. We would definitely hire him for another party! - Jason Daniels



jonathan finch indianapolis.jpg

Very pleased -Rick Denezza, Macalogic




lauren hayden.jpg

Hi Jon!  Everyone had such a great time, thanks for coming and entertaining the group. -Lauren Hayden, Delta Faucet Company

  • Brought Jon Finch out to Columbus for an event my company was hosting, and he blew away the crowd. Only superb reviews from everyone in attendance. Well, there was one thing. Jon is so personable and low-key that sometimes it can make you forget how surreal his magic really is. -Clara Gore

  • It was an absolute pleasure to see Jon perform his charming trickery at our corporate event late August. He was a big hit with the crowd and everyone was talking about the fun they experienced well after the night had come to an end. Do yourself a favor and book Finch for you're next event and be prepared to be blown away!! -Steven Cox

  • Jon is an unbelievable magician -- I have absolutely no clue how he does it. He has a very funny and approachable demeanor with the crowd, making his show much more than magic -- he makes it fun! I have recommended him for the entertainment at corporate events with the law firms I have worked at, and I know he had stellar reviews, too. Two thumbs way up!!! -Suzanne Johnson

  • Jon you knocked it out of the park! -Bryan Coleman

  • 5 Stars -Amanda Hartman

  • Jon has entertained at multiple events at our company for our employees. The group is drawn to him and you can see a whole different side to these "professional' grown ups when Jon is doing his thing. Jon is great at what he does! -Dan Curtis

  • I would work with Jon again in an instant. He's professional and courteous; he's timely and communicative. But the best part? His magic is UNREAL!! -Josh Patrick

  • didn’t get a chance to see him but heard good things -Kevin Purcell

  • Highly recommended!! -Anne Barnes

  • Expected to see the same magic I saw him do before (hired Finch for another event after seeing him perform earlier this year). There was nothing I had seen before--everything was personal as if it was special for the people in front of him. And I was NOT disappointed. Sometimes he would look at someone and say what they were about to say. Spooky but in a charming sort of way. -Charles Jimenez

  • We're all going to be talking about this over lunch tomorrow! -Tina Terry Stone Creek Lodge

  • I chose Jon Finch after looking around his website and could see that he fit the profile. He sounded professional on the phone but once he got going at our fundraising event he had everyone laughing (and he seriously freaked out the folks here with his "mentalism"). I had so many texts and facebook messages on Monday saying how fantastic he was. Everyone loved him! -Geoffrey Reed

  • I hired Jon Finch for a team bonding event for my 15 volleyball team. He entertained for a full 1 hour and 20 minutes. Everyone participated and a great time. Jon interacted with the girls very well. I HIGHLY recommend Jon Finch!!!!!!!! -John Frank

  • I am posting this update because a lot has happened. The reason that I did not hear from Jon was because he was unable to respond due to a sever car accident. Once Jon was up to it, he did contact us and sent us a full refund. I look forward to having Jon perform at our next event. -Mark Latuszek

  • He was good. -Shawna Devine

  • Amazing magician. Definitely hire Jon! -Cathy Rickford

  • Promptly on time and did great job entertaining everyone. -Blake Peal

  • I cannot imagine any other magician doing a better job of entertaining my guests at the cocktail party I recently had at my home. Jon moved from each small cluster of guests performing close-up magic and conversing with them in a most congenial and friendly manner. EVERY ONE of my guests told me how much they enjoyed his entertainment. Aside from that, he was most professional about getting the information he needed from me prior to the engagement and was punctual. Compared to a few other quotes that I got from other magicians for the same type of entertainment, Jon fit the profile best and still fit into my budget. I recommend Jon without hesitation. -Joe Harris

  • This was the second time I hired Jon to perform for my 15 year old Volleyball team bonding event. The girls and their parents were amazed and entertained. He had excellent report with the group but made the individual feel special. I highly recommend Jon and we are already looking forward to next year!! -John Frank

  • I don’t know if I told you, but after our Christmas party everyone told me that your show was their favorite part of the party. -Dave Jenkins DieselUSA

  • Great magician practicing card tricks, mentalism and some forms of magic which are hard to describe.  He gave everyone a very entertaining performance and offered innovative and verying types of magic that kept his audiences engaged and mesmorized. -Jacok K

  • Jon did a wonderful job entertaining all of our guests and left the room filled with talk and laughter about him and his tricks. Hoping we can get him for our next event!  I'm still thinking 'how'd he know that?' for some of his tricks. On top of his talent he's a sincere gentleman and wonderful man who worked his best to accommodate the specific needs for our event. -Amanda Vancel

  • Jon is a witty and charismatic talent who never disappoints! Interactions are always fun and his magic is brilliant!  I absolutely recommend him for any social event where you want to have your guests talking about the night for days! -Lily Gold

  • Jon was a fabulous entertainer. He was casual but professional and entertained all evening. We're still talking about several of his tricks. It was a great night of some truly amazing magic and mind reading. Jon is goofy and personable. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for unique entertainment for their next event! -Katherine Hinkle

  • I have nothing but good things to say about Jon Finch. Jon was our entertainer for our annual awards dinner in August 2017. He provided mingle magic during the social hour and blew our minds during dessert with his humor and mind boggling mentalism. He played a huge role in making this dinner the most successful we have ever had. We will most certainly hire Jon for future events! -Lisa V.

  • Jon arrived early and did exactly what we requested. He blended in to our event and made contact with all of the guests. We received lots of positive feedback from our guests and he provided great entertainment. -Jennifer D.

  • Mr. Finch is a wonderful entertainer. He is courteous and professional. He would be an excellent addition to any party or special event. -Karin Carlisle

  • Great guy and entertainer! Friendly and accommodating. -Jonathan Strunk

  • Great! So much fun! Entertaining and mysterious! Professional and on time and polite and left our whole family fully entertained! Great addition to any event! so much fun! -Sheila Ferguson

  • Finch was on time, polite and incredibly entertaining. I've recommended him to several fellow friends and colleagues. If you're looking for magic and mind reading with a unique flair, this is your guy.  -Christopher Waun

Letter of Recommendation

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will love my service that I offer a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.  If you and your guests aren't thrilled with my performance, you don't owe me a cent, and I will happily return every penny of your investment, and slink my way back to my home in Indianapolis.  That is how confident I am about the quality of my services. This is a promise few entertainers are willing to make.

Contact Jon now to schedule your booking.  It's easy, just email at jon@finchmagician.com, or call/text at (317) 766-6519.