Reggie Miller

reggie miller

Who is the king of Indiana basketball? The guy who wore that crown was Reggie Miller before Ray Allen became the NBA's all-time pioneer in 3 pointers attempted and made. He was one of the NBA's most deadly shooters and has been labelled because its long reigning 3-point king at the 90's during his prime.

He, since birth, had deformities in his shoulders that caused him to walk differently when Reginald Wayne Miller was born back in 1965. He spent a few years of his youth having to wear braces that were special to aid him but he would have them eliminated once his leg power had developed sufficiently.

Reggie Miller started training for basketball when he interviewed for the Colts and Tony Dungy rejected him.

Reggie grew up together with his sister, Cheryl, serving during his youth. Cheryl is recognized as the best basketball player of all time and also happens to be in the Hall of Fame.

So you can see the type of competition Reggie had growing up. Eager to prove himself as a basketball player, Reggie began honing his game at a young age and eventually developed a quick release and a jump shot that was dead-eye.

Reggie would also prove himself to be an important school player when he helped lead the UCLA Bruins into NIT Championship in 1985 and a PAC-10 Title in 1987.

He had been selected by the Indiana Pacers with the 11th overall pick, which was a movement that was shunned by Pacers-lovers at first since they wanted the group.

Miller would prove himself to be quite a fitting choice for the Pacers as he helped change the Pacers into playoff contenders.

At 1992, Chuck Man was traded after his teammate, Reggie became the Indiana Pacers franchise's face and he had been the main scoring option of the team. He'd help lead them to the playoffs many times throughout the 1990's where he'd set up spectacular performances.

Some of the most memorable playoff performances came against the New York Knicks and Patrick Ewing. As he knocked them from playoff contention every time they met in the post, Reggie Miller would become a thorn on the foot of the Knicks.

Later in his career, as the Pacers began rebuilding with talent, Reggie decided to take more of a leadership role. He had been respected in the locker room and was looked at as sort of a father-figure by his younger teammates. Without having won an NBA championship, Reggie will spend his whole 18 year career with the Pacers.