More Footage of Jon Finch HERE 
(more than a dozen videos of real appearances)

Need A Magician
with This Kind of Impact?...

french lick magician for hire

"We hired Jon as a mentalist for a fundraising cocktail party held at our house for 100 people. He was outstanding! ... Jon was perfect and so entertaining!
The feedback we received was so positive and people were blown away at how fun, professional and talented he is.

- Stacy Purcell

Extraordinary Magic for Your Extraordinary Event

Your Guests
Will Thank You

french lick indiana Magician

As you can see in the amazing videos,
at a Finch Entertainment magic show,
the main feature is YOU...

As the artist of astonishment,
I put astonishing magic at YOUR fingertips.

My specialty is 'mixing and mingling,'
where I mingle inconspicuously and
brighten the atmosphere
using magic, mind reading, and serious fun.

My aim is to make your event special,
packed full of excitement and memories
that you and your guests will be talking about for
years to come.
Your guests will thank you!

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As a professional magician since 2001,
I have been creating priceless memories
...little miracles.

How many miracles have you experienced lately?

Providing entertainment does not mean merely
delivering memorable magic at your event.

It means the way you are treated
through each of the steps that precede and follow
your successful event.

Having performed
at hundreds of events
over the latest 17 years
throughout French Lick Indiana and its periphery,
I offer a professional service that transforms dull,
ordinary events into successful, extraordinary events.

magicians in french lick

Interactive Magic Gets People Talking

Energizes Your Guests with Magic And Hilarious Comedy

People Will Remember Your Event for Years to Come


french lick magician for hire

Friendly, Punctual, & Professional

Your Guests Will Literally Come up And Congratulate You

You've Seen Magic? Master Magician Jon Finch Offers Unique Magic You've Never Seen

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

best magicians in french lick

Since the entertainment
at your event is so important
and since I know that you'll love
the unique magic of French Lick magician Jon Finch,
I am offering a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

I want to work with you
only if you think the magic will be a good fit!

Out of all the magicians in Indiana,
which should you choose?

You could find a local magician
who may be a cheap magician.

Plenty of less experienced entertainers
ould jump at the opportunity
to practice their tricks on your important guests.  
But hiring a seasoned entertainer is a no brainer.

If you and your guests are not delighted with my performance,
I'll return every cent of your investment.
Try doing that with any other magician.
This is a solid stance few entertainers are willing to take.
That's how confident I am about the quality of my service!

You don't want to take any chances
on the success of your event
when you could hire the best French Lick magician
or your important event.

Often you get what you pay for.
A bargain basement entertainer
could be more costly in the long run.

When considering the entertainment
at your event, it is important
to be sure you are dealing with a professional.

Additionally, though my act is extremely safe,
as a French Lick magician
I am covered by a $3,000,000 insurance policy.

Let's hope one of your guests
doesn't shoot one of my rubber bands
across the room and end up hurting another guest.

However, in the unlikely event that this sort of thing should happen,
it's comforting to know that
I have $3,000,000 set aside for just such an occasion. 

(317) 766-6519

Finch Entertainment
2323 Woodglen Dr
French Lick, IN 47432