Omni Louisville Hotel, Louisville, KY | Award Ceremony & Reception Entertainment

I had such a great time for the awards ceremony at the Omni Hotel located at 400 S 2nd St, Louisville, KY 40202.

Reception And Awards Ceremony at Omni Hotel Louisville

Irving Materials, Inc., held their annual awards ceremony in the elegant Omni Hotel. For this year the theme was a rodeo. Entertaining people with magic at the reception, I could see this was a special company. It felt more like a family than a company.

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Plan A Party at Morton's The Steakhouse | Indianapolis IN

I performed magic for a family reunion at Morton's The Steakhouse is situated in the heart of Indianapolis at 41 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

A block away from Scotty's Brewhouse and two blocks from Prime 47, it's a great place to have a party if you're looking for a private dinner room in Indianapolis for your special event,.

Though it's an upscale restaurant for traditional steakhouse fare, its cozy and clubby space lends itself to entertaining special events such as adult birthday parties, holiday parties, and corporate events such employee appreciation events.

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Special Event Magician | One Metropolitan Square | St Louis

I've had the privilege of working with many of the geniuses of entertainment: the performers and creators, the doers and the dreamers.

Once a year, 50 VIPs from ETIX Corporation gather to have their annual pow wow. In the tallest building in St Louis, One Metropolitan Square, situated in St. Louis, MO 63102, I was invited to entertain people who had come from

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New Year's Eve at TopGolf in Fishers, Indiana

I had been hired to entertain around 200 people at Topgolf in Fishers Indiana, for the New Year’s Eve celebration—and it was a magical event.

On three floors, for four hours I mingled and performed close-up magic. The members were super cool. By that I mean you could see everyone’s breath in an atmosphere approaching zero degrees, despite the hot air blown down from the vents above the first floor and each balcony on the second and third floors.

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How to Catch A Magician (And Why You Should Never Try)

I'm going to share with you here the secret of all secrets--the meta-secret.
If you are one of those people who simply has to know how "that trick" works,
and you can't sleep until you figure it out or find it out, then you'll find reading this informative.
Obviously, I could not (under any circumstances) or would not reveal the secrets of a trick (many of them are not mine to reveal). However, as a magician, I can give you something more important.

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Meridian Hills Country Club | Indianapolis IN

Sadly, with the holiday season comes a lot of requests to which I must regrettably reply,
"I'm already booked for that date and time."
For this reason you should try to book your entertainment well in advance unless you're okay with settling for a juggler.

I almost always learn valuable lessons when performing magic,
and these events were no different.

Whether we ride a Harley or drive a Prius, magic affects us all in the same way.

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Minds I Wish Had Never Been Read

Why would you want to hire a mentalist for a party?
Maybe you think you want to hear some of your friends secrets exposed.
But the last thing you want is your own secrets exposed in front of all your guests. When people are afraid that a mentalist might read their mind, suddenly all sorts of embarrassing thoughts arise.

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7 Mind Numbing Implications of Mind Reading

How would you like to live in a world where you (and everyone else) has immediate access to one another’s thoughts. From your doctor, to your Uber driver, from your professor to your student, your salesperson, your waiter, your parents, your children. Would you recognize that you are no very different from others? Or would you discover that the way you think is very different from the way others think?

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Never before Had I Performed Such A Show...

I was hired to perform for a tech company.
When I got there this morning, I was greeted by the man who found me,
and he joyfully commented on the fact that I was wearing only jeans and a red tee shirt.
It's not my typical uniform when booked to perform at an event,
but he had told me before that everyone there would be dressed very casually, 
and anything more than jeans and a button-up shirt would be out of place.
He wanted to surprise this industrious sales team--and congratulate them.  Something to do with their quota.

"When I think of a magician, I think of.. you know.. someone carrying suitcases of stuff," he smiled and shook his head.  I would fit right in until he announced me, "Hey guys, this is for the magic you've managed to pull off..."

But what made this show different from others wasn't my attire.
It was that I was surrounded not just by the two dozen spectators in the room, but there were also another dozen watching from two or three webcams that had been set up for the remote viewers.

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Magicians in Carmel Indiana

I was invited to his home to join the party as the entertainment at the end-of-Summer party for the honored few: his elite group of friends, foes, and associates. There were two other Indianapolis magicians--but kids magicians--for the younger crowd. I was hired to take care of the grown-ups.

When I met my point of contact she looked me up and down, then asked me what I needed.
I stood facing her wearing trousers and a dress shirt…

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