Indiana Convention Center | Trade Show Magician

As a trade show magician, I was honored to represent Eberl Claims Service at the 2019 PLRB Claims Conference located in the Indiana Convention Center located at 100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225.

I love performing magic for skeptics because the magic hits harder. In the following video, there is a lady who was determined to show the world that magic isn’t real.

The arms-folded skeptic had picked a card and signed it. Instead of returning the card into the deck, she grabbed the deck from my hands, turned her back to me, and put her card into the deck before turning back around.

The video below starts right after the above (you’ll see her grab the pack again from me, and though there are a couple great methods for divining a card lost in this way, in this case I wasn’t prepared to handle the situation, so I managed it)…

According to a study by Trade Show Network News, live presentations using entertainment are the most effective attention getting technique in the trade show environment. Combined, live presentations—magicians, comedy skits, caricature artists, etc.—rank 1st in ratings with regards to company and product identification, even beating product demos.

Of the different choices in live entertainment including magicians, caricature artists, contests/drawings, and comics, magicians lead the pack in both company identification and product identification.

Jon FinchComment