This Trade Show Lead Magnet Magician Has An Ace up His Sleeve

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According to research conducted by Trade Show News Network—the prestigious market research firm exclusively focused on trade show marketing statistics—a presentation using live entertainment is the most effective method to draw attention in a trade show situation…


You have your own reasons and your own priorities at your exhibit. Reasons for exhibiting at a trade show include:

  • Starting conversations with prospects

  • Attracting traffic and building a crowd at your booth

  • Generating informed, quality sales leads

  • Enhancing corporate image and brand awareness

  • Establishing a presence in the marketplace

  • Introducing new products and services

  • Demonstrating products in ways not possible with other marketing channels

  • Educating your target audience

trade show traffic
trade show entertainment
"Jonathan is a crowd grabber, throughout the evening I'd look over to see guests saying, "How'd he do that?!?" No complaints, all cheers,    highly recommended   . Thanks again, Mr. Finch" -Dan Stivers - Coldwell Banker Brokerage

"Jonathan is a crowd grabber, throughout the evening I'd look over to see guests saying, "How'd he do that?!?" No complaints, all cheers, highly recommended. Thanks again, Mr. Finch" -Dan Stivers - Coldwell Banker Brokerage


Get The Entire Trade Show Buzzing about YOU

trady show traffic

Grappling with getting massive amounts of traffic to your booth?

What would it mean for your business if every hour you could double the leads you get at your trade show?

The word "show" is in tradeshow for a reason. Put on a performance!

You may have high level sales talent, but if your prospects are walking by your trade show booth, your talent is wasted.

Magician for trade show Jon Finch brings to you a huge list of informed, qualified leads.

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Traffic to Your Booth

The trade show is packed with crowds of prospects, but also a crowd of competitors vying for their business. So how do you cut through this enormous, thick fog and actually draw traffic to your booth like a magnet?

Get them to WANT to come to your booth.

Jon Finch is a crowd grabber, so you'll get twice as many leads than in previous years.
In a single trade show go from obscurity to being the most popular.

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Collect A Huge List of Qualified Leads

Now you're getting noticed. What are you doing to engage prospects? Get them to interact.

Your prospects pay lots of money to attend the trade show because of what they gain--discovery of products and engaging interactions. Trade Show Magician Jon Finch improves your chances of selling follow-up business by qualifying the leads so that your sales talent can focus on the people best suited to you.

Jon Finch doesn't merely entertain crowds, he qualifies leads for you and cultivates a list of qualified leads for your business.

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Custom Act for Your Company

Trade show magician Jon Finch customizes his magic act for your company. Drawing on his wealth of knowledge and experience of magic to choose the most relevant demonstrations for your business, Jon Finch knows how to attract a swarm of leads to your booth--then qualify them and inform them of your product.

trade show magician
trade show magician

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will love my service that I offer a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee.  If you and your company aren't thrilled with my performance, you don't owe me a cent, and I will happily return every penny of your investment.  That is how confident I am about the quality of my services. This is a promise few entertainers are willing to make.

To contact Jon Finch now, it's easy.  Simply email him at, or text/call (317) 766-6519.